We believe it is essential to give back to the community and keep an open dialogue with the wider audience. Creative learning is one of the pillars of the company and we engage with the public through a regular range of activities.

Classes | Workshops

Origins of the work: Torso experiment
Based upon the idea of further dividing the torso into ten different fragments, the objective is to clearly define each part. Each division - which we call “chambers” - is independent of one another. Participants in the class/workshop are given opportunities to experience this vibrant and innovative working method which holds its fundamental ethos of harnessing strength from within movement flow rather than imposed externally.

Revealing individualities
The workshops are led through movement exploration from core principals of Eastern philosophy of energy flow, connecting dynamic movement from its origin, sensory of internal music and focusing attention towards revealing individual personalities within the present moment. Participants are guided through series of exercises which move through muscles and bones by creating channels for motion. The workshop/class yields a sensory awareness focusing on individual qualities.

Pushing participants’ boundaries and encourage them to break through their inhibitions. Explore new territories of movement through series of guided imagery and physical exercises to broaden kinesthetic awareness. We are extremely sensitive to each individual’s unique needs and accompany them in the process through our tailor made activities. Exchange of ideas within the workshop will be fundamental to open up new perspectives and access a more grounded sense of movement quality.